but guys just imagine… a Clueless bellarke AU! Clarke as Cher and Bellamy as Josh where it starts out that they always fight and pick on each other and before they know it they love each other. I just can’t. With Linctavia as Dionne and Murray. Then Raven could be Tai and have a crush on Finn who was the Elton character. Then she realizes that he actually loves Clarke so she moves on to someone better. Basically just a Clueless/The 100 would be so perfect.


Bill Kenny singing “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire”

in an ad for Chanel No. 5 from the 1980s

(when I was a young girl, this ad represented everything I wanted for my grown-up life)


Chris Pratt french braids an ET interns hair in under 4 minutes while being interviewed about Guardians of the Galaxy.



the best otps are the ones who realise they’re in love with each other and quickly and firmly deny it to themselves for a ludicrous amount of time



Bellarke Gladiator AU

Clarke Griffin The Emperors daughter (x)

The 100 Mall AU


  • Clarke: Waitress at the 50’s diner in the mall.
  • Bellamy: Cook at the 50’s diner in the mall
  • Octavia: Victoria’s Secret or American Eagle or Pac Sun
  • Finn: Movie/Music Store (i.e. FYE)
  • Raven: Movie/Music Store (i.e. FYE)
  • Murphy: Hot Topic or Spencers or Zumiez
  • Jasper: Game-stop
  • Anya: Piercing kiosk
  • Monty: Game-stop
  • Miller: Pac Sun or some hipster clothing store
  • Lincoln: Sporting goods store. 

Then like bellarke would ensue and there would be rivalries and it would just be great.


Anonymous said: Bellarke - Years later and Bellamy and Clarke are still dancing around each other. They share the same cabin, but different rooms. Bellamy is getting really sick of this.


Life on Earth gets easier every year.

The first year was by far the most difficult. Constant fear of the grounders and the Mountain Men made things somewhat of a living hell. They lost over half of the original hundred but gained over three times that amount when the survivors came down from the Ark. Add in the group of surviving grounders that had followed Lincoln to the Ark camp and that gave them almost two hundred people living there by the end of that first year.

It was easier to build themselves a decent camp with the extra hands and by the end of the second year they had what resembled a very small town. There was the medical building, headed by Abby and Clarke, and the armory that housed all of their weapons. There are wood cabins, each housing two to six people each.

Bellamy and Clarke decide to become roommates at the beginning of the third year.

It makes the most sense because they are still in a leadership position in the camp, mostly over the younger of their people and most of their decision making or planning takes place at odd hours of the day or night. They each have their own room, with a small kitchen and bathroom area near the front.

It’s not much in the grand scheme of things but Bellamy likes it. He jokes around with Clarke sometimes that they are like the early American settlers that they learned about in Earth History.

Their cabin sits away from the rest in a small clearing and the first thing Clarke had done upon moving in was a little landscaping to give them a front yard. There are small wildflowers growing along a path that she had made using river rocks that Bellamy and Jasper had collected for her. She had spent nearly a week digging in the soft dirt, refusing Bellamy’s help no matter how many times he asked, burying the smooth flat rocks until it had created a small winding path leading to the front door of the cabin.

The start of the fourth year brought with it the first round of babies.

A lot of couples had formed over the past three years, most of them married in ceremonies officiated by Kane, and it was natural for the next step to be children.

Abby and Clarke were busy in the medical building, babies bringing along a whole new set of worries and preparation anxiety, but by the time the fourth baby was born they were experts at it. Clarke loved to tell Bellamy all about them at night, when they sat in front of their fireplace drinking tea.

Their little civilization was thriving. They had small farms that grew food and raised livestock. Crime was practically nonexistent on account of the fact that everyone worked together to further their growth as a people. Everyone had their job to do and no one complained.

Bellamy ran their small military, a group of men and women that routinely watched the perimeter of their camp and kept a close eye on their armory. Most of the grounders had volunteered for military jobs and Lincoln was his second in command, followed closely by Jasper who was, by far, his best shooter.

Their military wasn’t used often, and Bellamy was beyond thankful for that but he knew that there would undoubtedly  be other dangers in the future so they must be prepared. They ran drills and honed their skills, both in combat and weapons, on the chance that someday they might be needed.

Kane and Abby were married in the summer of the fifth year.

Clarke had come home and told him the news, her eyes rimmed with red that he knew stemmed from memories of her father. Bellamy had no words for her, nothing that could possibly make her feel better, so he had simply tugged her to him and held her in their kitchen.

He’s not really sure when he fell in love with Clarke.

Sometimes he thinks it was when he watched her working in their front yard, her skilled doctor’s hands working methodically to create something beautiful out of nothing. Other times he thinks it was during their long talks by the fire at night, her legs pulled up underneath her and her blonde curls spilling over her shoulder.

Some days he wonders if he should even bother considering they have lived together for years and she’s never given him the slightest indication that she feels for him the way that he feels for her.

It’s not until a cold night in December, their sixth winter on Earth being a particularly harsh one, and Bellamy is watching as Clarke sits shivering in front of their fireplace, that he decides that he can’t keep his feelings to himself anymore. He has a cup of hot tea in each hand and he hands one to Clarke before sitting on the floor next to her.

"Helluva winter, eh?" He says and she giggles a little and nods, pulls the wool blanket that’s wrapped around her off of her shoulders to drape over both of their legs. He scoots closer to her, his arm brushing hers under the blanket and he doesn’t miss the tiny breath she sucks in when their skin touches.

"That’s one way of putting it." She’s not looking at him and it’s driving him crazy. Everything about her seems to drive him crazy lately. He can’t be in the same room with her without wanting to kiss her, hold her, just be with her.

It’s now or never.

"Clarke," he starts but before he can say anything else her fingers are in his hair and she’s pulling his mouth to hers. He kisses her back in earnest, despite his initial shock, one hand finding her hip easily while the other cards through her curls.

She pulls away first and he hates her a little for it but only because if it were up to him he would never stop kissing her.

"I’m sorry. I don’t know what got into me," she says and he frowns, watches as she shifts uncomfortably next to him. "I don’t expect you to feel like I do. I know you probably don’t."  He chuckles a little and shakes his head as he pulls her back to him, his hand resting on the side of her neck.

"You’re insane," he laughs and she lets out a squeak when he tugs her so she’s practically sitting on his lap, his teeth playing at her bottom lip until she’s kissing him again.

It took six years to get the girl and he plans on enjoying every minute of every day with her for as long as he possibly can.


Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys, “The Americans” shoot for GQ

Story here



                               Daniel’s Letter From The Editor

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philcoulson said: child street gang bellarke AU, though. where they head up rival gangs that are forced to merge in order to face a greater, nastier gang threat (grounders gang)--all the while cops and child protective services are also trying to snatch 'em up off the streets. eventual alliance with grounders in an "enemy of my enemy is my begrudging friend until the next street war breaks out" sort of way. leadership styles clashing! children having to compromise themselves to survive! across gang make-outs!


i literally just said “shut up” out loud to my computer screen this is amazing

bellamy is probably the most visible one right, he’s the oldest of them all and the whole city calls him the king and he’s been arrested twice and the cops have his prints and his mug shot and he’s got a really nasty reputation that is only like 60% earned, if he’s being honest

but clarke is the real danger, tbh, because she’s good at hiding and when she does get caught she’s not afraid to play up the “poor little blonde girl” routine and most people assume since she’s the one who patches up everybody’s injuries that she’s gonna be this pacifist peacemaker type but nah, girl is vicious

bellamy’s group probably runs drugs or something which clarke isn’t okay with, but she doesn’t have much room to talk since her people mostly knock over convenience stores which isn’t all that better, and they live in condemned apartment buildings and once clarke and bellamy’s groups join forces, they all mark their (stolen) cars with the numbers 1 - 100 to signify their loyalty and rank. clarke and bellamy regularly throw down hard over who drives the number one car and so the number two becomes slang for forbidden (“that’s fuckin’ two, man”) since neither of them will stoop to wearing or driving it

(BONUS: raven’s the undercover cop who infiltrates the network to take clarke and bellamy down, only she ends up going native and idk, i’m just picturing this hot as fuck thing where they’re interrogating her and bellamy’s got his knife to her neck like that scene YOU KNOW THE SCENE and clarke is behind raven holding her arms and then it ends in threesome sex on a table, wow this is too much)



I need some kind of vaguely Game of Thrones related AU where all the delinquents are from rival kingdoms and of course Bellamy and Clarke are rulers and there’s lots of forbidden love and war and yeah



If im watching a show or movie and a guy looks at a girl like she’s the most beautiful thing he laid eyes on, like she’s the sun of the universe, like he’s a little puppy that just found his favorite stick he buried in the sand months ago, liKE HE JUST FOUND JESUS then theres a 100000000000000000000% chance i’ll ship the fuck out of it 



ok my type of royalty/whatever bellarke au is where Clarke is princess and Bellamy’s her most trusted advisor. they’ve been in love for years, but distant love, sharing looks and having discussions late into the evening about economic reform, the harvest, the upcoming winter, and sometimes these conversations are about walks in the gardens, their favorite fruit, trying to describe the most beautiful sunset they’ve ever seen. they both know they’re in love, but both are too strongly held to their duties to ever try and consummate their love in any way. they just know they’re in love and that’s good enough for them.

then then then!! Clarke has to have an arranged marriage, for the good of the kingdom. she is to be married to Prince Finn in six months.

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